Restore Your Silkiness

Looking for an easier way to remove unwanted hair from your body?


Our experienced staff will skillfully focus on your bikini line, minimizing pain and
leaving you with a long-lasting, silky smooth finish. Your treatment will be quick, clean, and effective.


Looking to remove your hair permanently without hot wax and razor cuts?


Achieve better results with electrolysis­—remove your unwanted hair permanently through a series of treatments using sterilized, effective, and disposable probes.


Tired of temporary hair removal methods?  Not a candidate for laser? Then why not remove unwanted hair permanently with electrolysis.


A small probe is inserted into the hair follicle and then the epilator applies a small amount of electric current in order to cauterize the capillary permanently over a series of treatments.  All treatments are done with pre-sterilized, disposable probes.


Please contact us for a free consultation.

   • 15 mins $30.00

   • 30mins $45.00

   • 45mins $55.00

   • 1 hour $60.00




Our highly advanced face and body waxing services will bring you long-lasting results that will give you that glossy finish for any occasion. Remove all your unwanted hair with these face and body waxing services:



•  Lip wax $10.00
  •  Side of Face: $15

•  Neck: $10

•  Chin: $10

•  Eyebrows: $15.00

•  Half arm: $15

•  Full arm: $30

•  Under arm: $16

•  Lower Leg: $30

•  Upper Leg with Bikini: $50

•  Full Leg with Bikini $70.00

•  Bikini area: $25

•  Brazilian: $60


Waxing For Men:

•  Full back $50.00

•  Neck and shoulders $30.00

•  Chest Wax(men): $20 and up


Get the best face and body waxing experience. Call us at 781-255-0300 ‎to schedule your FREE body waxing consultation and begin your journey towards a hairless body.