Relax Your Body

Soothe your anxiety without lifting a finger, by relying on us to reduce the tension in your body and bring tranquility to your mind with our full body massages.


Exfoliate your skin with an aroma therapy session. The deep cleansing, exfoliation treatment uses a combination of mineral salts and relaxing oils to help remove dead skin and restore the natural glow in your body. Our


One-on-one massage treatments will leave you feeling absolutely revitalized.


Session Pricing

One-on-one massage treatments will leave you feeling absolutely revitalized.

•  Back and shoulder massages: $40

       Half hour stress relief

•  Hot stone massages: $90

       Seventy-Five Minutes



•  30 Minute Session: $40

•  60 Minute Session: $70

•  90 Minute Session: $90

Our Massage Services

Our staff is dedicated to restoring natural balance in your body and reducing your stress with our many massages and aromatherapy treatments. Our massage treatments will leave you feeling absolutely revitalized:


•  Back and shoulder massages

•  Hot stone massages

•  Aromatherapy salt glow massages

•  Hot oil massages

•  Deep tissue massages



Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a form of energy healing that helps the body use its own ability to balance itself. Reiki has been an approved nursing intervention by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing as of 1997 and has been used in Eastern cultures for over four thousand years to promote health and well being.


What happens during a Reiki session? Our clients remain fully clothed while lying comfortably on a massage table. The Practitioner places her hands gently on the client's head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands abdomen, legs and feet. Some clients report a feeling a sense of deep relaxation and peacefulness after a treatment.

Our Team

Isaac Masse - Massage Therapist

Specialties –

Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Swedish Massage, and Myofascial Telease


Education –

Cortiva Institute of Boston
Watertown School of Massage


Techniques –

Isaac's techniques are unique and powerful, and are designed to offer deep relaxation for clients who are looking to reduce stress, or who are physically suffering pain.


Client Driven Approach –

His massage is restorative, refreshing and energizing. He is passionate about Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, and Myofascial Release approaches, and also offers stretching to his clients during sessions, depending on their needs or daily activities. Although Isaac works on all areas of his clients, he has observed that because of their work styles (e.g. sitting for long hours at a desk) many clients come to him with lower back pain and high shoulder tension & discomfort.  So, he has a developed a specialization that focusses on these problem areas.


All of the clients who come to him for this work have experienced significant relief.


More than Message:

With a strong foundation in massage, and his experience working in physical therapy and occupational therapy settings, Isaac is able to bring strong assessment skills into his work with his clients so that his massage achieves maximum gain for the session, and so that he can develop and establish the best treatment plan for them.

Jane Donegan - Reiki Specialist


Jane has been a registered nurse for eighteen years and has been providing Reiki treatments to her patients in a hospital setting for the past five years.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Northeastern University and is a  Certified Reiki Master / Master Teacher in witnessed dramatic healing results through her Reiki practice.

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